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Saturday, 3rd September

As the Tar Sands protests in front of the White House were ending, another group of activists deployed to the home of Luciano B. Hayden, who is in charge of government relations for the American Petroleum Institute. They were there to demand that API stop conducting animal experiments at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

These "experiments" have included forcing pregnant rats to breath fumes of unleaded gasoline and tests of paraffin wax and other oil products on a variety of animals. Huntingdon Life Sciences or HLS is a contract animal testing laboratory where repeated undercover investigations have caught so-called researchers doing things like punching beagle puppies in the face to stop them from resisting injections of toxic substances.

Luciano B Hayden got a noisy, bullhorn-wielding protest in front of his ritzy Georgetown home because of this. In addition, animal rights protesters decided to focus on him on Sep 3 in solidarity with the tar sands protests, given his probable role in lobbying for the Keystone XL pipeline.

On the conclusion of this protest, activists gave John Richardson of Abbott Fund a quick reminder that his corporate parent Abbott Labs needs to dump HLS before deploying to the downtown home of AstraZeneca executive Brian Maloney.

Brian Maloney was the recipient of a 7:30 AM home demo exactly a week earlier as Hurricane Irene bore down on the city. This time around, a curious thing happened. A building manager come out to talk to protesters, claiming that Brian Maloney had moved out and that someone else now lived in his apartment. The problem with this is that the call box for entry to the building still lists Brian Maloney as the occupant, and still connects to his telephone as protesters have verified. The building manager said after his conversation that he would return with paperwork giving proof Brian Maloney doesn't live there anymore, but never came back out. Even after activists loudly asked the building manager to come back out and waited more than 25 minutes.

There has been a pattern at home demos at high rise apartments and condos, as well as at some houses, of lies being told about such things. Usually this happens around the third time around, not the first time at a home.

In this case, the continuing presence of Brian Maloney's name on the call box shows that there is some kind of business relationship between the building and Brian Maloney. Brian Maloney, having your building lie for you is not going to deter activists. We have seen you at your office and we have seen you at your home. We are not going away until AstraZeneca, cuts all ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences.





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