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Friday, 30th September

SHAC Midlands has recently acquired a legal victory in fighting the unlawful anti social behaviour dispersals regularly imposed on us by the police. The recent arrests of 2 activists, for allegedly not complying with the unlawful imposure, has resulted in the case being dropped. We are now in discussions with solicitors about suing the police for their unlawful and unreasonable behaviour towards legitimate protesters.

Today, activists arrived outside of the Birmingham City Centre office of Legal & General (L&G) today, to hold the first of many regular demonstrations against this company who are a major shareholder of AstraZeneca, who in turn are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We named and shamed Legal & General, told them about the routine horrific cruelty and scientific fraudulence that vivisection companies like AZ and HLS are responsible for and gave them the clear message that as long as they are involved with them, we will be protesting against them.

Straight into the protest, security guards rushed to lock up the entrance, keep a close eye on us and phone the police. We continued our demo, as windows slammed shut and staff could be seen to be annoyed by the first of what could be many demos to happen outside L&G unless they remove their shares in AstraZeneca.

As we continued our protest, we received much public support from people wishing to know more about the demo and the campaign. People were disgusted to hear about who and what L&G are holding shares in; vivisectors (sadists) who torture and murder thousands of innocent, defenseless animals each day in order to make useless and sometimes dangerous products which many go on to make illnesses and kill humans alike. They gave us their words of encouragement, we will be sure to continue to pressure L&G and inform the public about their blood money dealings.

We then proceeded to hold a quick protest against AXA, whom also have a large amount of shares in AstraZeneca. We left before the police were able to turn up, in order to return later...

Next we arrived outside of Industrial Cooling Systems, whom have a contract in supplying Huntingdon Life Sciences with equipment.

Knowing how sensitive they all are about us protesting at the back of the building, we conveniently decided to protest there. As security guards rushed around to the back area, in order to closely watch us, they stood guard peering out over their spikes and barbed wire installments, like they were protecting some kind of compound.

We climbed up onto a ledge which gave us a good position where we could still protest, and as we shamed ICS for their continued unethical dealings we watched the windows slam shut, knowing full well they could still hear us loud and clear anyway.

We then decided to head down to a canal that runs parallel to the back of the building, and gives a great position for protesting as the sound carries so well, allowing noise and echoes to boom around the back of the site. Staff could be seen watching us, as we reminded ICS of the horrors that happen each day inside Huntingdon Life Sciences to animals, the fraudulence and useless and dangerous products HLS are responsible for.

Finally we headed back to AXA, where we shamed them for continuing to have shares in AstraZeneca, whilst knowing fully about the barbarity and fraud of the vivisection industry. How can AXA claim to be ethical when they have shares in an industry that causes the suffering and murder to billions every year? AXA are liars who need to get some real ethics, and we continue to inform the public about their blood money dealings with AZ, who are a major customer of HLS.

The public continue to give us their strong support, whilst being disgusted at AXA and their shares in the despicable and disgusting vivisection industry. Some of them joined in with the protests, and they too voiced their disgust to AXA.

The police later turned up to the protest, but allowed us to continue. We continued until the end of the day so that the workers of AXA were each given something to think about whilst they went home.

Until Legal & General, Industrial Cooling Systems and AXA make the right choice and end their involvement with vivisection, they can expect us protesting against them, pressuring their companies and informing the public about them.

SHAC Midlands




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