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Friday, 30th September

We arrived about 12.45pm. The security team was already waiting for us at the main gate. They came out and told us what was AZ property and told us we could not go on that land. They asked me if we were there on behalf of SHAC, we said we were. We put our banner up directly opposite the gate as the workers came out to go home on the Friday afternoon. We also had a series of notices along the side of the road as vehicles passed the site.

We had a good few horn soundings and waves from the passing traffic. Even one or two AZ workers acknowledged us in support by raising a hand off the steering wheel.

We stayed until 5.15pm because we knew we were detaining the security people who could not go home until we did! (AZ had to pay them, peanuts to AZ, but never mind.)

One of our group took some photos of our banner as we moved passed the AZ sign. They seemed to think we were taking photos of cars.

We are continuing to try and communicate with AZ and request that AZ supports EDM number 475 put forward by the Safer Medicines Trust.

We hope to demo outside AZ again soon. We will keep reminding them of the evil and selfishness of what they are doing.

If you would like to get involved in Cheshire, then please get in touch.



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