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Friday, 30th September

Around 20 activists travelled to AstraZeneca's HQ and lab in Södertalje, Sweden, as part of the day of action against them. To once again remind them of what disgusting company they're dealing with.

We arrived just in time for their lunch break and we were therefore able to tell them loud and clear about what we think of them being responsible for thousands of animals getting tortured and killed, while they're having their lunch. Armed with megaphones and placards we stand just outside their restaurant windows, chanting while their security was trying to move us away. As usual, we also walked around the whole area to inform all their works as well as passers-by that AstraZeneca supports animal abuse.

We stayed for almost two hours protesting against AZ and informing their employees, and are message was clear; we will continue to protest against them until they cut their ties with HLS!



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