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Monday, 5th September

Many people all over the US were spending the hot and sunny day either barbecuing dead animals, getting hammered or splurging their paychecks on mega sales to somehow show their appreciation for workers - an American federal holiday called "Labor Day".

Activists were soon on their way to disrupting such comfort, gluttony and ignorance in the neighborhoods of Charles Carr, Victoria Carrington and Linda Arnette. We spoke up for all the animals who are prevented from enjoying the sunshine, grass, clouds or the trees on a beautiful September afternoon. Instead they are imprisoned, tortured and murdered inside HLS on BlackRock's and AstraZeneca's dime while Carr, Carrington and Arnette are given a pat on the back and a leisurely 3 day weekend.

Well, if the animals never get a vacation, neither should their exploiters!

Charles Carr (Regional Trainer at AZ) and his neighbors heard our loud voices first. Activists marched around his neighborhood speaking about AstraZeneca's horrendous track record of death after death, lawsuit after lawsuit and all the lives - human and non-human - they have ruined. Carr is directly responsible for each of those deaths and activists will continue to hold him personably accountable until AstraZeneca pulls out of HLS.

Activists then headed over to Victoria Carrington's (EVP at Aptium Oncology) neighborhood - the second stop to awaken the indoctrinated public. To much of our excitement, Carrington was home to hear and see the whole protest. We demanded the end of AstraZeneca and Aptium Oncology's involvement with HLS and informed her that we will be back until her employer's cut their bloody ties. A hired cameraman who was at Carr's met activists with his camera and tripod, with what looked like intentions of "scaring" activists by filming us. However, activists are quite bored with the cameraman's act and to be honest, his camera in our face is far from scary. No matter how many hired goons BlackRock or AstraZeneca employ, activists will continue to act up and speak out for the animals.

Last but definitely not least was Linda Arnette's (Director at BlackRock) neighborhood. Arnette's neighborhood has become a favorite for all of us, as there are many supportive, friendly neighbors who are against vivisection and most of all, despise people who fund and actively sentence animals to a vain death. Little did these neighbors know that Arnette was funding vivisection. That is until activists exposed Arnette and the blood of 500 animals soiling her hands every day! A not-to-distant neighbor joined protestors and promised her attendance every weekend for the animals! Activists were so pleased to see another person choose compassion.





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