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Wednesday, 7th September

Once again activists returned to Avonmouth today to raise awareness of the atrocities committed by Astrazeneca. Local support is ever increasing, with every demonstration bringing in more and more support and disgust at these perverse practices by this discreditted multi--national. How much longer will it take before Astrazeneca realise they're not welcome here, or anywhere, until they step away from the barbaric practices of animal experimentation?

We will continue to keep AstraZeneca in the frame and inform the public around Bristol of their many corporate failings. It's no wonder that deaths and injuries from side effects are on the increase when AstraZeneca continue to use the worst of the worst lab - HLS - and suppress their own test data and lie in court over their drugs. How many more thousands of unsuspecting victims will be injured or killed, while AstraZenca continue to make a profit off the backs of animal abuse?

Until all are free, and every cage is empty

SHAC Bristol


To get involved locally around Bristol,
please contact: barc@hotmail.co.uk


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