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Thursday, 8th September

Anybody compassionate and rational knows that these pictures are the result of evilness, corruption and criminality. We may think 'no one is capable of being so vile'?. Yes, they are, the are called HLS. And right now, while you are reading this report, 500 animals (dogs, cats, monkeys, rats, mice and rabbits) are being injected, burned and poison for the vivisection industry's profits, to pass their drugs and compounds onto the market. And you may think 'But we need to test on animals before taking the drug'. No, we don't need to. Animal research is unscientific. Even the Drug Control Authorities admit that when a drug is launched nobody really knows what will happen or what side effects will be identified.

The Nobel Prize winner for Medicine, Richard J. Roberts says in his interview 'Drugs that completely cure are not profitable':

"It is usual that pharmaceutical companies are interested in research that doesn't cure but only make illnesses chronic with more profitable drugs that the ones that would completely cure once and for all. You just need to follow the financial analysis of the pharmaceutical industry and verify what I say."

So we hope it's clear that those beautiful, sentient and innocent animals don't die to save human lives, they are murdered for economical profits.

Today we targeted Axa, who invest in this torture and murder at HLS.

We went first to Axa's UK HQ at 5 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1AD Tel: +44 (0)20 7920 5900, where we were naming and shaming them with chants and speeches for investing in the depraved vivisection industry. When we arrived they closed the 3 main doors but still our voices were heard by the neighboring offices, and surely Axa employees were listening to us.

After about one hour we moved to Axa Corporate Solutions at 136-140 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 6BL, Tel: 020 7702 6600, a short walk distance from Axa's UK HQ. We arrived in perfect time during the lunch break so many people could listen to us.

Prepare yourself Axa, until you drop AstraZeneca, we'll never back down.

For the 500 cats, dogs, monkeys, rats, mice and rabbits who are dying in pain and loneliness today in that hell called HLS. Until every cage is empty.

SHAC London



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