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Friday, 9th September

Activists arrived back outside of AXA for another demonstration against the company who is a major shareholder of AstraZeneca, who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences; companies that torture and murder thousands of innocent, defenseless animals every single day in order to make useless and dangerous products that go on to make ill and kill humans alike, in the name of blood-money, greed and fraudulence.

Another loud demonstration ensued outside of AXA, where they were loudly named and shamed in front of the public, who once again gave their support to us about the protests and told us of their disgust to AXA for being involved with such vile, horrible companies whom commit such evil practices on a daily basis.

We continue to remind AXA about the cruelty that goes on inside the laboratories, the uselessness of vivisection and the dangers of animal-tested products. We also continue to remind them about their lies about being an "ethical" company, where is the ethics in beagle puppies being punched in the face and animals having their skulls cut open, pipes forced down their throats, gas masks put over their faces, poisonous substances forced into their eyes, skin and flesh and humans alike suffering heart attacks, mutilations, etc? Vivisection is unethical and unscientific, it is unjustifiable.

Once again the police turned up, and threatened us with an anti-social behaviour dispersal. Same old clueless coppers. Same old incorrect law usage. We argued this on legal grounds, but as they knew they wouldn't be able to hold their ground in such kind of debate, they resorted to personal insults and threats of arrest instead - how very mature, how very professional. However, they even threatened to arrest us for pulling jokes at them! Hilarious!

We next went to Industrial Cooling Systems, who have a contract in supplying the notorious HLS with equipment.

We went onto the site and gave them another loud protest in which ICS were named and shamed for dealing with disgusting HLS who are the most exposed vivisection company in the world. Security guards locked up the doors and we made sure everyone there knew as long as ICS is involved with Huntingdon Life Sciences, there will be protests against them.

Finally we moved on to a new target for us; Legal and General, who are also a major shareholder of AstraZeneca. We went into their office to notify the staff and speak with them about their involvement, however little response was given to this and so now we will now start protests against them too!

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