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Thursday, 19th April

On Thursday activists decided to pay a visit to the south east offices of Nalco Ltd, (6 - 9 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB11 1FW, Tel: +44 (0)203 170 6362, Email: stockleypark@nalco.com) – a company which was exposed as a REACH customer of HLS/LSR Associates during the recent leak a few weeks ago.
As the first demo against them in the UK, they’ll certainly have been left in no doubt about the fact that their dirty secret is out.
They tried to hide their ties by using HLS’ alter-ego, LSR Associates, but now everyone knows the truth about Nalco’s blood soaked contract with the most exposed animal lab in the world.
Ensuring the first demo at this office would have an impact, activists took the message directly to the individuals working for this scummy company.
Activists used megaphones to loudly highlight Nalco’s connection to HLS, drawing a lot of attention from the other businesses inside the office complex.
Dozens of staff members from the other offices poured into the corridors to find out what the protest was about. However the staff from Nalco were reluctant to face the truth about what their company is doing and hid behind their internal door… They must have had a lot of explaining to do afterwards!

After this, Nalco seemed determined to keep showing themselves up as the cowards they are, when, later in the day, they were found to be panicked by any visitors (protestors or not) turning up at their Southampton site (Nalco Group companies, Safety Health and Environment, Cadland Road, Hardley, Hythe, Southampton SO45 3NP).
Huw Patrick Jones, the person in charge of their contract with HLS, was unwilling to even take phone calls from other companies, in case he was asked any awkward questions about their support of animal abuse.
He can’t avoid explaining his involvement with HLS forever though, especially when his contact details are readily available…
Tel: +44 (0)2380 883770, Mob: +44 (0)7891 485814 and Email: hpjones@nalco.com

To finish off a demo-packed day, one of the suppliers who was exposed late last year; Sera Laboratories, had a demo in Sussex (Unit 44, Bolney Grange Business Park, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 5PB, Tel: 01444 250010 or 01444 250066).
Activists turned up just after Sera Labs had been unloading a delivery, but the workers were very quick to slam the garage door once the demo began… Yet another sick company that doesn’t want to own up to being responsible for keeping the puppy killers at HLS in business.
Despite the staff from Sera Labs staying behind their closed doors, the demo was definitely loud and visual enough that the activists’ message will have been made loud and clear – drop HLS or remain a target of SHAC.
This demo also drew the attention of workers from neighbouring companies, who were almost in disbelief that the business next to them would be connected to such a notorious animal testing lab.
Yet another company named and shamed for dealing with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Both Nalco and Sera Labs can be sure that they’ll remain under the spotlight until they pull the plug on HLS.

For all the animals who were killed today,




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