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Friday, 20th April

Activists continue to hammer home the message to AstraZeneca's shareholders about their blood money investments with the cruel and greedy vivisection industry. While these companies have blood money shares in the discredited pharma AstraZeneca et al, there will always be activity against them for their involvement in animal abuse and human suffering.

BlackRock at Drapers Gardens were the first demo of the day, with the usual arrival of activists followed by BlackRock security taking up their roles of cameraman, sound man and note taker (what do they have to write about we wonder?), maybe we need to do a Freedom of Information request...

After an hour we moved onto Legal & General at 1 Coleman Street where we continued with our protests, highlighting their lack of corporate morals to the passing public and L&G staff going on their lunch break. As we were finishing, some activists from the nearby Occupy camp came by to see what all the fuss was about and after they were told about why we were there, they decided to try their luck at a bit of impromptu training for the security at L&G. The security didn't seem to see the funny side of it, maybe they need to work for a more ethical company.

But rest assured we are thinking of doing a bit of Occupy AstraZeneca's shareholders in the near future...

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