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Friday, 20th April

We arrived at Legal & General in Hove on a bright sunny day to name and shame them, to their employees, neighbours and passers-by, as being involved with HLS. We had a big turn-out and a large banner so the message was crystal clear. Activists took on different roles, and our leafleters did a brilliant job of handing out leaflets to all staff entering and
leaving the compound. They reported that the majority of people who stopped to chat were very supportive.

We also used a megaphone for about 2 hours to let everyone know about the horrors of HLS, and how Legal and General are funding it by investing in the vivisection industry. We made sure they knew that this was just the beginning and that we always win. The only way to get rid of us is to get some compassion and dump HLS!

Until next time!

SHAC Sussex



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