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Sunday, 22nd April

On Sunday, several southern California activists got together for a round of Earth Day demos at the homes of a couple of Beckman Coulter shot-callers.

The first stop was Allison Blackwell's house Yorba Linda. Allison is no stranger to the campaign, yet seems to feel it is not her responsibility to act on behalf of the tortured and exploited animals inside of HLS. Activists gave Allison the gentle reminder she needed that until Beckman Coulter cut their ties with HLS, she will be held accountable for her inaction. Activists used chants and monologues to inform Allison and her neighbors about the horrors that happen behind the closed doors of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Signs with the images of the murdered animals that Allison's company is responsible for were held high to be sure that she and her neighbors could see why activists are so outraged by her lack of concern for these animals.

The final stop of the day was to Jeff Linton's home in Fullerton. Jeff Linton is also a familiar target of this campagin and chooses to sit idly in his luxurious home while 500 animals die every day. Jeff Linton was treated to chants and monologues about the murder he does nothing to stop.

Remember Beckman Coulter, as long as you deal with HLS you will be dealing with us. You may have money and corporate power but we have compassion and resilience, we will not be silenced and we will never back down.



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