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Tuesday, 24th April

SHAC Argentina together with other animal rights organizations made a protest against animal experiments and vivisection in Buenos Aires.

This action was made in the entrance of medicine university in Buenos Aires where we stood our ground for those cruelly killed every day for the science, for the cruelty and for the money. This was made to mark World Day for Animals In Laboratories and against all vivisection which we of course see as a abuse to the animals because they have their own will to live in freedom, there is no such being as "laboratory animals" - it is a concept created by killers to wash their blood from their hands.

In the video below we proclame "Rights right now for the animals!" and "OPEN THE CAGES!". Also we made speeches and spoke to the students and to the people passing giving pamphlets or simply talking.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Q388JLIFR-U

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