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Thursday, 26th April

On Thursday, the National Association of Corporate Directors held an awards ceremony at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle during which they honored Betty Woods (currently a director on the board of Beckman Coulter) as Public Company Director of the Year. Activists gathered at the posh hotel’s entrance to honor Woods and Beckman Coulter with a different kind of attention.

During downtown rush hour (and an apparently very busy time for people to arrive at the Fairmont) activists approached the hotel entrance with sirens blazing, and then announced that they were there to demand that Beckman Coulter cut all ties with HLS and end their practice of supplying equipment for animal testing. They were immediately met by several hotel employees who stood guard and a sleazy cameraman who filmed the whole protest and tried to get footage of each activist.

The activists continued with a strong demonstration of support for the animals who suffer and die inside of HLS and engaged in loud chants that reminded Beckman Coulter of the responsibility that they have to the 500 animals who die each day at HLS. As long as Beckman Coulter does business with HLS, the suffering and deaths of animals are their fault and activists will continue to hold them accountable, and to not allow anyone from Beckman Coulter to receive an award in peace.

Until the animals are honored instead of animal killers and until every cage is empty, activists will continue to speak out for all of the animals imprisoned and murdered inside of HLS.



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