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Saturday, 28th April

To mark World Day for Animals In Laboratories, activists worldwide organised events to bring attention to the plight of animals suffering in vivisection laboratories.

The main World Day demonstration in the UK was held on the last Saturday of April in Birmingham City Centre, where thousands of animals are imprisoned inside a number of large vivisection laboratories at both universities and hospitals within the city. Activists from SPEAK joined SHAC, Animal Equality, the local Birmingham animal rights group and other anti-vivisection groups in holding information stalls at Victoria Square.

Before the start of a march through the City, inspiring and informative speeches were made to all those gathered for the demonstration as well as all the passing public. Lorna from SHAC updated everyone on this important and hard hitting campaign, followed by Dr Andrew Knight who talked about how little animal experiments have actually contributed to human medical advancements. A local activist, Jon White, then spoke about the different ways animals suffer in laboratories. Leanne, a vegan poet, finished off by reading some of her poetry, vividly expressing the torture and torment suffered by animals at the hands of the vivisectors.

A march of over 600 people then took place, with the route passing through the busiest streets of the city centre. Thousands of leaflets were given out and much interest and support was shown by people lining the streets. At one point an anti vivisection banner was dropped from one of the buildings lining the route, before some security men were seen to grapple with the banner and protesters in an effort to remove it as soon as possible.

Those taking part in the march were most vocal, making sure that members of the public were aware of the vile and unnecessary evils of vivisection. At the end of the march a two minutes silence was held to remember the animals that have so needlessly died at the hands of the vivisectors, also to think of the animals still incarcerated in vivisection laboratories.

After the march there were more excellent speeches. The first was by Ronnie Lee a veteran animal rights campaigner, who was followed by Dr Adrian Stallwood who talked about the problem of denial by animal experimenters. Dr Victoria Martindale finished by giving a very passionate speech about the suffering animals go through in cruel and unnecessary experiments.

The march was over, but there was still plenty going on as more stalls were set up at the nearby Veged Out Cafe. Later, a benefit gig was held that evening to help raise funds for the Birmingham animal rights group enabling them in the fight against vivisection, along with information stalls.

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