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Wednesday, 4th April

Today was another day to remind the financial sector what will continue to happen while they support and fund the vivisection industry.

Money and profit is the primary reason that companies like AstraZeneca and HLS abuse and torture animals in their tens of thousands, and un-ethical companies literally make a killing every day while they pump in financial aid to this despicable industry.

So we started off our protests outside AXA's UK HQ at 5 Old Broad Street in London, before moving on to BlackRock at Drapers Gardens close by. As both these companies support and fund HLS customers as well as being involved in the arms trade and destroying the environment. Only when our planet and it's inhabitants have been destroyed by these greedy companies will they realise that life is more important than profit and money.

The city must wake up to the wanton destruction and pointless greed, otherwise they will lose everything that make life dear, life itself.

For the animals in labs, for the starving people, for the victims of 'commercial' wars; we will not stop fighting until all are free and all cages of empty.

SHAC London


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