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Sunday, 8th April

CA activists hopped to the occasion on Easter Sunday afternoon to speak out for the bunnies, kitties and puppies tortured and murdered inside Huntingdon. Beckman Coulter supplies to HLS, therefore is responsible for the deaths of 500 animals each and every single day. Any company in bed with HLS is another company that props up this despicable laboratory. Such companies will receive the unyielding attention of compassionate activists willing to spend their weekends speaking out for the silenced.

Although Beckman's machine does not torture the animals directly, every Flow Cytometry instrument sold and utilized means HLS remains in business with the tools needed to carry out their perversion of science. Beckman's machine enables HLS to examine the tortured animals' blood on a cellular level in order to provide "results" for their sadistic customers. With Beckman Coulter's blood examining machine, HLS is able to extract the blood from 500 tortured animals after they are poisoned with toxins, hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals and household items. Yet Beckman claims they are not "responsible" for the torture of such animals!!

Beckman profits and animals die. So we held their top executives and management accountable with an Easter household hunt.

First stop was Clair O'Donovan, a Senior Vice President of Beckman Coulter (see profile here https://www.beckmancoulter.com/wsrportal/wsr/company/about-us/executive-team/clair-odonovan/index.htm). Luckily Clair and her husband were home to hear the activists in her neighborhood. Many neighbors expressed their support and encouraged activists to keep coming back until Beckman Coulter cuts their bloody ties with HLS. Clair's neighbors are the real animal lovers and they see the impostor who makes a living selling equipment to notorious animal abusers like HLS.

Next activists visited Jeff Quint, Product Manager at Beckman Coulter. Jeff's neighbors were educated about the atrocities that happen inside HLS every single day and how Beckman Coulter profits off of innocent animals. Some neighbors decided to reject that animals are murdered for useless experiments and remained ignorant. However, activists persisted and remain steadfast in exposing Beckman's dirty dealings.

Last but not least, activists visited Jeff Linton, a Senior Vice President in General Counsel at Beckman Coulter (see profile here https://www.beckmancoulter.com/wsrportal/wsr/company/about-us/executive-team/jeff-linton/index.htm). Jeff was held responsible just like his co-workers and once again was reminded that as long as Beckman Coulter holds a business relationship with HLS, activists will be in their employees' neighborhoods holding them accountable for the 500 animals murdered in vain!

Until every cage is empty...



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