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Friday, 10th August

Another week, another round of demos for Astrazeneca shareholders in London. In the wake of an eye opening report criticising the pharmaceutical industry's prioritising spending on marketing over what they're supposed to do, funding cures for illnesse the demos seemed more relevant than ever.

We started the day outside Axa at 5 Old Broad Street, where we filled the congested pavement outside with placards and loud speeches and chanting. Even though Axa share their building you can tell who are the Axa employees going in and out - they have the sheepish looks on their faces.

Only the day before, scummy Astrazeneca were in the news yet again, as their new blood poisoning drug failed against a placebo in trials. Clearly they thought they were on to the next "blockbuster" drug, but surprise surprise, what worked on animals inside the helhole of HLS didn't work when it came to the crunch. This surely is only a surprise to the psychopaths that advocate animal testing and not to anyone with an ounce of intelligence or compassion. They say any publicity is good publicity, but clearly that doesn't count if you're Astrazeneca.

Back to the demo, we moved onto BlackRock on Throgmorton Avenue. "IT'S TIME TO TAKE ACTION" BlackRock proclaim boldly on the frontpage of their website (www.blackrock.co.uk) so we decided to take their advice. Here we made passionate speeches on the cruelty involved in animal testing and HLS, as well as the corporate corruption and greed of the pharmaceutical industry to the workers sitting outside on their lunchbreak in the sunny weather before retiring for lunch ourselves.

When will Astrazeneca shareholders realise that we won't give in? Don't they listen to our chants over the megaphone telling them we'll never compromise? And any investment firm with any sense would drop Astrazeneca for purely financial reason, their profits are falling off a cliff and share price is going through the basement, they don't have a permanent CEO and their drugs don't even work. What an absolutely shambolic company, surely it's time for Astrazeneca to clear their desks and retire to their yachts in Monaco before they embarrass themselves further?

But we couldn't leave the City without a brief visit to Legal & General on Coleman Street where workers were forced to listen to our loud chants. If you work for L&G the blood is most certainly, on your hands.

A brand new activist came this week, don't forget that newcomers are always welcome at our demos - if you're interested in coming along don't be shy, drop us a line to find out when the next demo's going to be.

Until the cages are empty,

SHAC London



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