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Saturday, 18th August

Danaher is the parent corporation of Beckman Coulter, a supplier of lab equipment to Huntingdon Life Sciences(HLS) . Jonathan Graham is the Senior Vice President of Danaher, with the power to cancel this puny $85,000 contract. He has so far not done so, so on the 18th of August protesters returned to his home for a second after-dark protest.

Many neigbors accepted fliers and said they supported the protest, they have been kept out of all photos and video for privacy reasons. For that matter, given the prior behavior of HLS contractors, this is important for security reasons as well.

Not only is Beckman Coulter supplying torture chambers to HLS, they have responded to protests in California by getting injunctions. Seeking injunctions doesn't work, instead it increases the amount of protest by spreading it to other areas-in this case, to a nationwide campaign.

This was the second home demo against Jonathan Graham, but activists are vowing it won't be the last unless Danaher orders their subsidiaruy Beckman-Coulter to cancel their contract with HLS and vow in public never to do business with these puppy killers again!

Video: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3a7_1345349078

For more information and to get involved in and around DC, please email DARTT at dartt@riseup.net.

Disclaimer: DARTT is an independent group, not affiliated with SHAC, SHAC USA or any other organization and does not conduct or incite any illegal activity.



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