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Friday, 24th August

Excited about the AstraZeneca Knock Out week of action, ten of us visited AstraZeneca's Irish Head Quarters in Dublin City centre for an early demo to get them a taste of what was to come. During the demo we had amazing support from tourists and passers-by who all took flyers.

Most people were very interested to know which company we were demonstrating against and were horrified to learn about AXA's involvement in the vivisection industry.

We gave SHAC flyers to everyone we spoke to and told them to visit the website. People were very keen to learn more about what HLS is trying to hide.

AstraZeneca do not have a sign on their building, we suspect they're trying to keep a low profile because of their bad reputation. It's a pity they are on the second floor, but a couple of storeys will never be enough to keep them hidden from SHAC. A lot of staff members from other companies in the building had never heard of AstraZeneca, we're guessing they don't mix well with non-animal-killing people! All the staff we spoke to were sickened to learn what their neighbours are funding at Huntingdon. We can see some awkward office relations ahead!

Unless AstraZeneca and AXA cut their ties with HLS, we'll be back.

AFAR / SHAC Ireland


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