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ASTRAZENECA KNOCK OUT 27th-31st AUGUST - Day 1: Facebook Fight Back

Monday, 27th August

For day 1 of the AstraZeneca Knock Out week of action we're excited to try a new style of targetting using Facebook. Every 3 minutes another animal is tortured to death inside HLS, how many die while you're logged into FB each day? Use your time on there to help them!

If you're not on FB yet, now's the time to sign up ;)

Throughout today we'll be revealing various targets with advice on how to contact them, all at the click of a few buttons. Action to save animals couldn't be easier.

We don't want to spoil the surprise for our targets, so their details will be posted online once they're ready to be contacted. This means you'll need to keep checking for the latest updates. These will be put up on this event page, our Facebook and Twitter pages and emailed out on our mailing list.

An event page has been set up on Facebook for you all to share your comments and updates on the action. Join in!

Browse through the rest of our website to learn more about HLS, AstraZeneca and the SHAC campaign.


9am onwards:
AZ Community Connections
Post comments on this page to tell them what you think about their dealings with HLS.

11am onwards:
AZ Careers
Help AZ make the connection between their money and the animals being tortured in experiments for them at HLS.
We've posted a new image on our Facebook profile for you to share on their page.

1pm onwards:
Axa Insurance
Axa are a main shareholder of AstraZeneca. They try to portray themselves as a caring company and tell the public about their ethical policy. Let everyone viewing their page know what Axa are really investing in.

3pm onwards:
Help spread the word about the week of action. The more of us who take part, the more pressure AstraZeneca will be under. Share this image on your Facebook profiles.
More Facebook targets coming soon...

Axa Equitable
They recently uploaded a post in support of gender equality. Tell them that compassionate people will never be silent about the abuse inflicted upon animals until companies like theirs stop profiting from suffering murder.

5pm onwards:
Nalco Careers
Finish the day off with a surprise for another HLS customer! Nalco were exposed as a REACH customer during a massive leak of HLS' private internal documents earlier this year. They've got off easy so far, but remind them that if they keep paying for animals to be killed inside Huntingdon, the next week of action could see them as the target.

Day 1 is almost over... Who's ready for more?
Get ready for day 2! We've made ourselves heard on Facebook, now it's time to speak directly to the animal abusers at AstraZeneca in a day long phone blockade tomorrow. Check the website again tomorrow morning and join the Facebook event page, invite your friends and share the event on your Facebook profiles. Let's increase the pressure!

To pass the time until tomorrow morning, why not keep the Facebook comments going? ;)

You've all done an awesome job today, together we can take down AZ and smash HLS!

Please keep all communication polite.


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