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ASTRAZENECA KNOCK OUT 27th-31st AUGUST - Day 2: Phone Blockade

Tuesday 28th August, 9am-5pm

For day 2 of the AstraZeneca Knock Out week of action we're using our old favourite - a phone blockade. The idea is that we all call them at the same time so they'll spend the entire day listening to us reminding them about the animals they're killing. Scummy companies that profit from animal abuse only care about money, so they're not going to be happy when their staff have to spend the day dealing with outraged activists rather than working.

Every 3 minutes another animal is tortured to death inside HLS. Every 3 minutes you spend on the phone will help to save them. Get dialling!

Today we're asking everyone to contact AstraZeneca anytime between 9am-5pm. But we'll also be revealing some surprise targets to call later in the day too. To find out who you'll need to keep checking for updates. These will be put up on this event page, our Facebook and Twitter pages and emailed out on our mailing list.

An event page has been set up on Facebook for you all to share your comments and updates on the action. Join in!

Browse through the rest of our website to learn more about HLS, AstraZeneca and the SHAC campaign.



AZ Global HQ: 020 7304 5000 / 020 7604 8000
Freephone: 0800 032 0501
Number 1 target!


020 7743 3000 / 0800 44 55 22
A major shareholder of AstraZeneca - tell them to stop investing in murder with AZ and HLS.

Legal & General
020 3124 3000 / 0800 027 7169
Another top shareholder of AstraZeneca. Remind them about the 500 animals who have died inside HLS today because of their bloody investments.

With only an hour left of the phone blockade, give it everything you've got and make sure all three companies know exactly what sort of laboratory they're working with.

Please keep all communication polite.


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