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Wednesday, 29th August

Today as part of SHAC's AstraZeneca Knock Out week of action Birmingham activists took to the streets to hit two city centre targets - AXA and Legal & General. Both of these companies are major shareholders in AZ so we thought they needed reminding of what their money was funding. Every day 500 animals die in cruel and unnecessary experiments at Huntingdon Life Sciences, all because of sick companies like these paying for them to do it.

We arrived at our targets during the lunch time rush to make sure that the employees knew just who and what they were working for. As the staff went in and out of the building they were confronted by activists displaying images of animals from the lab and told all about the disgusting industry that AZ's shareholders are supporting. Many employees and passers-by stopped to read our banners and take leaflets so to find out more.

We hope these demos are making it an even more enjoyable week for AZ!!!!

See you again soon.

Birmingham Animal Action


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