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ASTRAZENECA KNOCK OUT 27th-31st AUGUST - Day 5: Phone Blockade

Friday 31st August, 10.30am onwards

For day 5 of the AstraZeneca Knock Out we're going to finish off the week of action with another phone blockade - you can't beat 'em! In case you missed the phone blockade on day 2, the idea is that we all call them at the same time so they'll spend the entire day listening to us reminding them about the animals they're killing. Scummy companies that profit from animal abuse only care about money, so they're not going to be happy when their staff have to spend the day dealing with outraged activists rather than working.

Every 3 minutes another animal is tortured to death inside HLS. Every 3 minutes you spend on the phone will help to save them. Get dialling!

Today we're asking everyone to contact the first target, AstraZeneca's Global HQ, anytime between 10.30am-5pm. But we'll also be revealing some surprise targets to call later in the day too. We'll be calling these up until 11pm tonight. To find out who the next targets are you'll need to keep checking for updates. These will be put up on this event page, our Facebook and Twitter pages and emailed out on our mailing list.

An event page has been set up on Facebook for you all to share your comments and updates on the action. Join in!

Browse through the rest of our website to learn more about HLS, AstraZeneca and the SHAC campaign.

AstraZeneca have been under a lot of pressure this week, so let's turn up the heat for the final day! There will be a lot of protests taking place globally today (and most will be taking an unhappy AZ by surprise!), so let's make sure they have the maximum effect. We're going to make sure that these companies can't hide from the activists by cowering in their offices - we'll be asking everyone to phone them while the demos are taking place. The staff who work at these companies are happy to earn a living from the suffering of animals inside the hell hole Huntingdon Life Sciences, don't let them get away with it!

Between demos, keep calling our first target; AstraZeneca's Global HQ until 5pm.



AZ Global HQ: 020 7304 5000 / 020 7604 8000
Freephone: 0800 032 0501
We're a little late releasing details of our first target, but we've received news that activists have just turned up at AZ's Global HQ in London! These numbers will be our main target throughout the day, but let's really focus the calls between 10.30-11.30am. AZ hate protesters turning up at this site, embarrassing them in front of their neighbours. Security here have even resorted to threatening peaceful activists and breaking their property - what do we do? We up our game and fight back even harder! Play your part and call the animal abusing thugs NOW!

020 7743 3000 / 0800 44 55 22
0207 920 5900 / 0800 389 2815
Legal & General
020 3124 3000 / 0800 027 7169
SHAC London are doing a tour of the City, visiting all 3 of AstraZeneca's main shareholders. In the past activists have stormed the offices and confronted the staff about their continued investment in animal abuse at HLS. Take the message inside during the protests again today, call them on the numbers above and tell them to sell their shares!

We've included freephone numbers, but it would be best to call the London offices (0207) where the protests are taking place.

AstraZeneca, France
0033 1 47 51 91 58
It's a global take down! French activists have surrounded AZ's site in Rueil Malmaison, telling them to cut their ties with HLS. Phone the office and tell HLS' top customer that there's no escape from SHAC while they're dealing with the world's most exposed animal lab.

AstraZeneca, Luton (UK)
01582 836000
Activists have appeared outside AZ in Luton, Bedfordshire. This site has been a regular target for demos, with the police desperately trying to stop anyone exposing the dirty truth about this filthy company. The corrupt cops often try to put unlawful restrictions on the demos. We know the real criminals are the people who profit from making animals so ill that they collapse on the floor, convulsing and vomiting. Right now, as activists shame AZ for their involvement with HLS, call the office and ask them how it feels to live on blood money.

Ardea Biosciences
001 858 652-6500
This is a subsidiary of AstraZeneca. US activists are holding a loud, angry protest outside the office in San Diego. Ardea is yet another evil company happy to profit from the deaths of innocent animals. They seem to have put their incoming calls through to voicemail, so why not leave them some messages? It seems like they need reminding about the 70,000 individuals imprisoned inside Huntingdon Life Sciences, alone and afraid, waiting to be killed because of their company.

If you get bored of that, why not leave some more messages on AstraZeneca's US Facebook page.

AstraZeneca, Washington, US
001 202 350 5500
Our last target of the day is another AZ site. Activists are there as you read this, protesting outside the offices because of AZ's continued involvement with the puppy killers at HLS. Today is another day animals died inside the lab, another day thousands are waiting in their cages. Let's finish off the AstraZeneca week of action with one last push - make as many calls as you can between now and 11pm. If you want more numbers to call, take a look here: www.shac.net/AZAction/takeaction/index.html

Please keep all communication polite.


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