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Friday, 7th December

London activists protested outside Axa HQ and BlackRock Investment Management UK Limited offices. We asked them to stop investing in the vivisection industry at Huntingdon Life Sciences and to sell their shares in AstraZeneca.

How would you feel if you were brutally beaten and routinely abused?

How would you feel if you were kept in barren cages with no mental stimulation?

How would you feel if you were trapped in special restraining chairs, forced to inhale toxic chemicals into your lungs, so sick that your nose bled, vomiting your own faeces and eventually collapsing?

How would you feel if someone put a needle under your skin, prodding in different directions 15 times before finding a vein?

How would feel if you were cut open while still alive?

How would you feel if piglets’ organs were grafted onto your neck or into your abdomen?

This is what the animals at Huntingdon Life Sciences are going through. The Government will not close that hellhole, so it’s up to us, members of the public, to fight for these animals’ lives.

Axa and BlackRock employees ignore animal cruelty, because it’s comfortable or convenient for them. We will keep protesting outside Axa and BlackRock offices until they cut their ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We will continue fighting against prejudice and injustice until animals are respected.

Animals have no voice, we are their voice and we must voice for them.

SHAC London



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