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Friday, 10th February

On Friday, activists visited various companies around the City of London to remind the workers and public of the horrific cruelty that those companies are supporting.

The day started at Legal & General on Coleman Street, London E5. With a few new people in tow, energy was high, as activists managed to get their message across.

Next up was BlackRock, so activists moved on to Drapers Gardens in order to expose their dealings in animal abuse.

After a short break and a short train journey, a protest was held against Henderson Biomedical in Lower Sydenham. Police arrived to tell activists that they had no problem with the protest or the shouting and promptly left again.

Considering Mark Henderson himself has stated that he does not agree with animal cruelty and certainly would not send his pet dog into HLS, it shouldn't be too hard for him to make the compassionate decision to not work with HLS. However, the company continues to supply them with centrifugal equipment and service it too.

Back to the city and back to BlackRock for a brief demo on the way to the Axa HQ on Old Broad Street. Neither business looked particularly happy to see the activists back once again to name and shame them.

Legal & General, BlackRock and Axa, all you need to do is to sell your shares in AstraZeneca or put pressure on Astrazeneca as your companies part own them, to stop your support of this animal testing company and customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Henderson Biomedical, the notice on your door states that you produce equipment for use in hospitals. SHAC have no problem with you trying to help hospitals and human animals, as long as you're not supporting other animal abuse at the same time. You would not be put out of business by refusing to supply HLS and we urge you once again to sever your ties with this disgraced company.

SHAC London



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