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Sunday, 12th February

Activists gathered behind the Orange Curtain on Sunday, (also know as Orange County, CA) to expose and protest Beckman Coulter for their dealings with notorious animal abusers - Huntingdon Life Sciences. Beckman Coulter was welcomed to the global campaign against HLS with a few neighborhood demos on Sunday afternoon.

Activists first visited Jeff Linton's neighborhood in Fullerton who is a Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Beckman Coulter. Jeff was conveniently home and could hear activists' one demand - Beckman Coulter cut your ties with HLS! Hundreds of animals are tortured and their fluids are extracted, tested and examined in Beckman Coulter's machines to "study" the effects of various chemicals and other toxins forced into animals' bodies inside HLS. Beckman Coulter's tools assist the further exploitation of an animal every 3 minutes. If it wasn't for suppliers and customers, HLS would have closed their doors a long time ago. Beckman Coulter and other companies propping up this disgusting, fraudulent lab will be held accountable for each and every death that occurs from day one of their involvement.

Next, activists popped over for a visit in Jeffrey Quint's quaint neighborhood, who is a Product Manager at Beckman Coulter. Jeffrey was also home as activists held him accountable for each and every animal murdered under the guise of "science" inside of HLS. Several neighbors were supportive and listened as activists explained the reasons why they were protesting. Every employee has the responsibility to pressure their company to cut ties with HLS, who has a horrible history of animal abuse, fraudulent science, and several investigations and evidence against them.

Activists then visited Clair O'Donovan's gigantic ranch surrounded by horse trails. Clair's neighbors were incredibly supportive - as they were animal lovers and could never imagine their horses treated the way puppies and kitties are exploited inside HLS. Clair is a Senior Vice President of Quality and Regulation Affairs and clearly did not do her research concerning Huntingdon and their horrific background. Activists tried to make contact with Clair and wished to diplomatically discuss Beckman Coulter's involvement with HLS, however activists were unable to reach Clair on the other end of her intercom. So activists stuck around for a protest, of course!

Since Los Angeles and Orange County activists are dedicated to closing down HLS along with worldwide activists, the animal defenders moved onto Bernhard Spiess, Vice President in Marketing for Molecular Diagnostics. Luckily, Bernhard's garage was open and was properly introduced to the activists' demands - aid us in closing HLS by refusing to supply Huntingdon with lab equipment. After 20 minutes, over 6 police cars arrived and frankly drew more attention to the protest as we always appreciate. Officers upheld our right to protest and stood by while activists continued to speak out to the neighbors about Bernhard and his company's crimes against animals and humans around the world.

Last but definitely not least, Allison Blackwell, Senior Vice President in Human Resources, was protested. Boy, were her neighbors pissed! Unfortunately, they were upset with the messengers and not about Allison, Beckman Coulter and not about the atrocities that occur inside the walls of HLS that activists tried explaining. A few activists tried to reason with a bunch of rowdy, uneducated neighbors but found that their efforts were best spent on continuing the protest and not arguing with people in denial.

As long as Beckman continues to supply HLS with lab equipment, activists will be in their neighborhoods and at their offices.

Until every cage is empty and HLS is shut down!



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