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Wednesday, 15th February

A dozen activist gathered in front of Sanofi's brand new building at 54 rue de la Boétie, Paris 75009, France and a banner was unfolded, which said "This company makes money from the suffering of animals". Many leaflets were given out and posters showed graphic images of vivisection. We made a point of insisting that it was high time Sanofi stopped dealing with HLS, Europe's largest animal testing laboratory.

The contrast between the main hall where we could see a grass wall and the company's philosophy about the use of animals for vivisection was quite shocking. The company must think they can spread a nice image of themselves, as people who respect nature.

We hope they don't ever dare say they respect animals (human and non-human), counting the number of deaths they are responsible for, be it animals tortured in laboratories or people dying from their drugs' side effects. Sanofi, you can change addresses, we'll keep following you until you stop making money from the torture and death of animals."

Until all are free



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