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Thursday, 2nd February

On Thursday, the Imperial College of London held a Science Careers Fair. While the big names like AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Roche went unrepresented, activists found one name which they recognised on the exhibitors list:

“Huntingdon Life Sciences is one of the world’s largest and most successful contract research organisations working with some of the leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, crop protection and chemical companies. Our company has experienced impressive growth over recent years, by creating a work environment that encourages talented individuals to thrive and make a difference.”

Unfortunately it looked like they had made a few mistakes in advertising who they were, so activists decided to go along to the event and help HLS tell the students the truth. Despite having mislaid their student IDs, activists were able to get into the building easily and, having had a little look around at the other stands and learning about patents, they unfurled the posters they had brought with them, walked behind the HLS stall and informed the students of the mistakes in the brochure.

Huntingdon Life Sciences remains one of the World’s largest and most successfully exposed contract testing laboratories which many of the leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, crop protection and chemical companies, along with high street banks and insurance companies refuse to work with. They have experienced an impressive growth in how much debt they are in and how much footage exists of workers punching animals in the face, dealing drugs at work, pretending to have sex with animals, refusing animals veterinary treatment, swearing at them, laughing at their screams of agony and falsifying test data. Their work environment encourages individuals to become desensitised to the pain and suffering inflicted on other living creatures.

While the activists were only able to get their voices heard inside the building for about five minutes before security pushed them out of a door, they definitely had an impact. The HLS team (their Recruitment Manager and a Senior Toxicologist) and university staff embarrassed themselves further by dealing hysterically with the calm activists, one student began throwing HLS’ branded pens around by the stall while others filmed what was going on and, once outside, activists held up their posters against the glass windows directly behind the company’s stall before being moved off campus, their voices echoing around the surrounding buildings and gaining them even more attention.

HLS, you know that numerous activists have been attending your customers’ talks at events and conferences, you know that demonstrations continue and will continue at the offices and buildings of your customers and suppliers and that the majority of the public still want to see you close down. You can’t run from us and you can’t hide. Wherever you go, we will be there.

Video: http://youtu.be/tXKVMU2jwoQ

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