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Sunday, 26th February

Dedicated activists hit the streets of Yorba Linda in Orange County California to let Allison Blackwell and her neighbors know that this campaign does not end and that they can look forward to home demos until they cut their ties with HLS.

Allison is a senior vice president at Beckman Coulter, headquartered in Brea, California. Beckman Coulter supplies HLS with some of their patented "medical supplies" and seems to be pretty disinterested in saving animal and human lives at this point. Allison's neighbors have made it clear that they do not like the home demonstrations that have occurred and have even attempted to physically remove activists from their neighborhood.

Making these protests stop is fairly easy Beckman Coulter, cut your ties with HLS. Have Huntingdon Life Sciences paid their overdue account yet? Seeing as how they are 120 million dollars in debt the likelihood of your company being paid is not looking great. There were fewer of us this time, but next time there will be many more.

Cut your ties with HLS so your weekends can be filled with peace and rest.



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