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Sunday, 5th February

On Sunday, the animal abusers who work for BlackRock Inc. and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals inn LA got long overdue visits to their homes.

First stop was Linda Arnette who is a director at Los Angeles BlackRock branch. She recently moved back into her home after BlackRock was successful in procuring restraining orders against a few local activists. Minutes after the demonstration began a camera toting BlackRock-hired goon was filming activists and a lawyer came to try to intimidate activists and snap a few pictures of his own. Gotta love that wasted corporate money! Police came to assess the situation and spoke to no activists. Linda Arnette, her husband and their daughter rushed out of the house and into their car and drove off so they didn't have hear about the abuse that Linda does nothing to stop.

Next stop was Victoria Carrington's house and the police followed one activist's vehicle the whole way. Victoria is an EVP at Aptium Oncology which is a subsidiary of AstraZeneca. The demonstration carried on as usual with chants and monologues that reminded Victoria of the reasons she is a target for activists. As activists wrapped up the demo and headed back to their respective vehicles as many as 7 police cars were counted. One officer in particular decided to ignore the municipal codes in the city of Los Angeles and tell activists that if they performed another demonstration in the city of LA that day that they would all be arrested.

Remember BlackRock and AstraZeneca, no amount of police repression and no number of injunctions will save you from compassionate campaigners. Save time, money and some face and cut your ties with HLS. Your weekends will be quieter and your conscience will be cleaner.


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