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Thursday, 9th February

On Thursday, several Los Angeles/Orange County animal rights activists gathered outside of Beckman Coulter's offices in the city of Brea to give them a sample of what is to come if they continue to do business with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Beckman Coulter is an HLS supplier that is headquartered in Brea, California (1-800-526-3821 and 1-800-742-2345 - US Toll Free). For several weeks leading up to the first office demonstration that was held on Thursday afternoon activists made phone calls, sent emails and wrote letters to the 4 billion dollar company's CEO James Robert Hurley (Bob Hurley) informing him of the horrors that take place inside of HLS, urging him to cut the company's ties with the laboratory and informing him about the campaign Beckman Coulter is now a top priority for LA/OC activists. It seems that Beckman Coulter was not interested in saving non-human animal lives and has continued to do business with HLS.

Because of their inaction activists had no choice but to get loud and inform the public of their dirty dealings in fraudulent science. At 12:30pm 15-20 activists assembled in front of their offices with megaphones and signs. Chants and monologues were effective, and some activists were even interviewed by a BC reporter. Police came to observe but had nothing to report.

The demonstration is only the first of many to come, as long as Beckman Coulter does business with Huntingdon Life Sciences activists will be there to remind them of the murder that they are directly responsible for. Make the smart choice Beckman Coulter, cut your ties with HLS to get some peace and rest.


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