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Tuesday, 17th January

A few LA activists made a trip to Portland this week to visit friends and enjoy some of the culinary succor PDX has to offer. After a couple of hours at the vegan mini-mall activists grew tired of waxing intellectual about bringing about social justice and decided to go out and make it happen!

We enlisted the help of locals. Bright and early on Tuesday morning seven activists marched up to the financial building where Axa Advisors have their Portland office space with megaphones to remind Axa that they have been dragging their feet in cutting their ties with AstraZeneca and HLS. The activists pointed out that the rain and snow had been off and on all morning and that nothing, not even icy weather would save them from activists coming out to educate the public about their dirty dealings in fraudulent animal tests.

The hostile security guards who greeted the activists received the message that they can assault, batter and attempt to physically intimidate as many activists as they would like, it will not stop truth speakers from asserting their First Amendment rights. The demonstration went on for over a half hour before protestors moved on to their next target, Invesco!

Just a few blocks from Axa there are even more animal abusers at Invesco who profit off of irresponsible pseudo-science. Activists started their demonstration outside of the building with chants and monologues about the abuse inside of HLS, and ended the demonstration inside their lobby proclaiming loudly the message of responsible, effective and compassionate science.

These two companies have been informed of the horrors inside of HLS and no longer have an excuse to turn a blind eye. Cut your ties with AstraZeneca and HLS to see and hear the end of these demonstrations puppy killers!



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