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Wednesday, 18th January

Early this morning, activists decided to pay MedImmune, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca, a visit at the 5th Recombinant Antibodies Conference they were taking part in. Activists casually strolled into the Visiongain Conference Centre hoping to find a nice group of big pharma bods in order to tear down their veils and remove the rose tinted spectacles fashioned so perfectly by their bosses. However disaster nearly fell upon the activists when they were told the venue had been moved, only to discover that it was to a hotel just around corner and an escort was even offered.

So now back on track, the activists visited the Thistle City Barbican Hotel on Central Street, London to be greeted by a very nice porter who showed us the way. On coming to the room, cameras ready, activists calmly walked to the front of the stage, interrupting the first speaker to call on AstraZeneca to pull out of HLS. The activist giving the speech about the abhorrent atrocities going on inside HLS managed to hold the stage for a good four minutes before security turned up, much to the dismay of the conference goers whose companies were rumoured to have paid handsome sums to attend the event.

So this one’s for you AstraZeneca, we’ll follow you wherever you go and will name and shame you for supporting such immoral acts. Close down HLS!!



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