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Friday, 13th July

Friday the 13th was a lucky day. Not only did we speak for the voiceless, but also welcomed three new activists. We started the protests at Legal & General Investment Management, who donate £10 to the disreputable charity ‘Cancer Research’ when someone buys ‘L&G Life Insurance’ or ‘Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover’. Cancer Research has been recently exposed by Animal Aid in their report ‘Victims of Charity’: (http://www.animalaid.org.uk/images/pdf/booklets/victims.pdf) for funding horrific and useless experiments on animals.

An example of a Cancer Research animal experiment: ‘a 2009 project funded by Cancer Research UK, in which furless mice were injected with human cancer cells and then force-fed, via a tube from the mouth to the stomach, an experimental anti-cancer drug. There were daily force-feedings over a ten-day period. This was in addition to painful daily injections, via the tail vein, of a radiotracer chemical to study the cancer’s development. At the end of the ten-day trial, the mice were killed and their organs studied’. Cancer will never be cured with the current mindset. If cancer were controlled, thousands of well paid people would be out of work. Not surprising that Legal & General, who make money from the torture and murder of 500 animals every single day of the week inside HLS, would support a charity like Cancer Research, who want us to believe that they are making progress in the fight against cancer. The appalling reality is that nothing has changed for the last 40 years in the fight against cancer. We still use the traditional methods of choice: surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. If any progress has been made against cancer, it is due to our better diet.

Next stop was BlackRock Investment Management, a major shareholder of AstraZeneca. The sunny weather and the location helped to attract people who listened to our speeches and chants, aimed at humiliating this pathetic asset management firm with no morals or ethics. They invest in cluster bombs that kill innocent people and invest in vivisection that kills innocent animals and patients.

To finish the day, we went to AXA Investment Managers, another asset management company with an ‘Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy’ that says: ‘AXA IM UK strictly prohibits the use of bribery or any other illegal non-commercial method when conducting business.’ However, it’s ok to be a major shareholder of the profiteering pharmaceutical company ’AstraZeneca’, which has been investigated by the US government for paying bribes to increase their sales to foreign countries, raided by the European Commission for keeping cheaper copies of medicines off the market, and indicted last year in Serbia for alleged bribery. Vivisection is pure evil and exactly what the infamous Dr Mengele was doing to those innocent people in Auschwitz. We will stop those ‘Angels of Death’ who get away with murder in the name of profit and we’ll fight until that hell hole is closed once and for all!

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