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Wednesday, 4th July

Today, Brighton activists visited Legal & General Assurance Society Limited at City Park, The Droveway, Hove BN3 7PY (Tel: 0845 274 5007).

As soon as we used megaphones and displayed banners to humiliate Legal & General for their investment in AstraZeneca and the production of Cluster Bombs, security staff asked us to do a quiet protest as apparently “we had a badger set behind us” (?). All there was behind us was a brick wall, so we continued to hand out leaflets and to give monologues on the megaphones.

As Legal & General states in their “Code of Ethics “: “As part of this culture, the offer or acceptance of bribes is unacceptable behaviour for Legal & General and its employees.” ...but it’s ok to be a major equity shareholder of AstraZeneca, which was investigated by the US Government in 2010 for paying bribes to increase their sales overseas, and last year indicted in Serbia for alleged bribery.

Legal & General, we’ll embarrass you for doing business with the wrong people until you cut your ties with HLS and sell your shares in AstraZeneca.

SHAC Sussex




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