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Friday, 6th July

While waiting for the other activists, we helped a pigeon who was hobbling and cut the thread from around his/her toes.

We wish we could help the 70,000 terrified animals who are being experimented on inside HLS, screaming in pain in wasteful, hopeless experiments, justified by the greed of the pharmaceutical industry and the greed of an unquestioning and easily bought medical profession who allow the vivisectors to test their drugs on animals, torturing them in the process. What the public don’t comprehend is that pharmaceutical companies, like AstraZeneca, test their drugs on animals, and these tests are irrelevant. Drug testing on animals is scientific fraud! This results in iatrogenesis, the most common cause of serious illness in the developed world.

Our first stop was Axa’s UK HQ (5 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1AD, Tel: 020 7920 5900), where we held a loud and angry protest for about one hour, focusing on their profitable investment in the torture and murder of animals and patients.

Then we moved to BlackRock Investment Management (Drapers Gardens, 12 Throgmorton Avenue, London, EC2N 2DL, Tel: 020 7743 3000 and 0800 44 55 22), where we stood on the pavement, making sure the passersby and neighbouring companies knew why we were there. This time BlackRock couldn’t intimidate us by filming us from behind their glass wall. Many people showed gratitude for our protests, including BlackRock employees.

The last stop of the day was for Legal & General Investment Management (1 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5AA Tel: 020 3124 3000 and 0800 027 7169) where we loudly and clearly named and shamed them. We intend to ensure they won’t get away with their unethical, unscrupulous and immoral investment.

If vivisection was a reliable means of product testing, common substances like sugar and salt or other more powerful substances, like the pain killer morphine, wouldn’t be available to us. This is because they fail animal experiment tests. Animal experiment testing is unreliable and useless and we’ll fight for the voiceless until every cage is empty.

SHAC London




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