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Saturday, 16th June

On Saturday, a large group of activists held a demonstration against Beckman Coulter and the HPLC conference outside of the Marriott hotel in Anaheim, California.

After a week-long phone action against the Anaheim Marriott, activists decided that if the hotel was going to allow Beckman Coulter to attend the conference and promote their business that they were going to have to inform the public about the animal abuse that the Anaheim Marriott evidently supports. Activists were greeted by Mike Deluca, Beckman Coulter's most reliable private investigator as well as a slew of police officers and security guards. The demonstration began with an activist using a megaphone to explain to the public and the guests of the Marriott why the demonstrations was being held, and what they could do to help put an end to animal suffering. The protest was full of energy and all of the activists were chanting eagerly and happily took the time to speak to any passersby about Beckman Coulter and their business ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences. Nearly every person who stopped to speak with an activist listened in horror about the abuse that happens inside of HLS, one person even said that anyone who works for Beckman Coulter who stands by and lets this happen should lose their job. We agree!

Beckman Coulter is now scrambling to keep activists away from their events and hide their business practices from the public, but there is no way to silence this global movement. Anyone who deals with HLS will deal with us until they make the compassionate choice to cut their bloody ties.

This is far from the last time Beckman Coulter has heard from activists, we never back down and we always win!




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