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Sunday, 17th June

In the early morning hours of Sunday June 17th a few activists paid the Anaheim Marriott a little visit to let them know that the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences can strike anywhere at any time. Just after 12am when all of the hotel guests were sleeping soundly the anonymous activists showed up with megaphones, caused a quick ruckus and were gone within minutes. The animals trapped inside of HLS have never known a night of undisturbed sleep, so this is was just a taste of your own medicine.

Later in the day, a number of activists joined forces outside of the Anaheim Marriott once again to hold Beckman Coulter publicly accountable for their animal murder. The activists held a banner with the words "BECKMAN COULTER ANIMAL CRUELTY, DEAL WITH THEM DEAL WITH US" scrolled across it, and took turns doing monologues and leading chants through megaphones. Several individuals stopped to speak with activists and were horrified when they learned about why the activists were protesting, the activists were told the keep up the good work. One gentleman stopped to speak with the activists and told them that as a former biochemist he was vehemently opposed to animal testing because it teaches scientists next to nothing about humans and that it is a waste of money and animal lives.

The protest lasted for an hour and was well-received by the public. Even though it was Father's Day the activists did not take the day off because the animals didn't get the day off, so neither did Beckman Coulter. The time has come to make the right choice Beckman Coulter, this campaign doesn't end until your dealings with HLS end. We'll be back and we always win!



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