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Tuesday, 19th June

On the Tuesday evening a few activists made a trip to the front entrance of Disneyland in hopes of reaching out the the public about the HPLC banquet that was being held just inside the gates of California Adventure. Beckman Coulter was in attendance at this banquet and anywhere Beckman Coulter goes, we go. The activists held banners and signs while other activists took turns using megaphones to speak out about Beckman Coulter's unethical business associations. The public was very receptive to the information the activists were giving them and many people clapped for the activists and gave them gestures of approval.

After the protestors finished up at Disneyland they marched over to the Anaheim Marriott a couple of blocks away for one last protest against their inaction regarding Beckman Coulter's attendance at the 2012 HPLC Conference. The activists kept the protest short and sweet because it was getting a bit late but the message was communicated loud a clear, deal with HLS and deal with us! The protestors wrapped up the weeks of actions against the Anaheim Marriott by reminding them that they would be back in the future should they continue to host business associates of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Until next time Beckman Coulter...reconsider your decision to continue your business with Huntingdon, you're not doing yourselves or your colleagues any favors.



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