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Wednesday, 20th June

Activists named and shamed Legal & General Assurance Society Limited at City Park, The Droveway, Hove BN3 7PY Tel: 0845 274 5007, for investing in animal experimentation at the most controversial animal testing laboratory in the world: Huntingdon Life Sciences.

One member of the staff stated that ‘we can take an aspirin when we feel unwell thanks to having experimented it on animals’. Aspirin fails animal tests, as do Digitalis (heart drug), cancer treatments, Insulin (causes animal birth defects), Penicillin and other safe medicines. These medicines would have been banned if results from animal experimentation were accurate. L&G staff supports animal experiments because although they have not studied the subject in any depth, they have been told by the big international pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca, that animal experimentation is essential to develop new drugs. Legal and General staff also accept that the company they work for invest in the vivisection industry and the production of cluster bombs because they put their goals, priorities and needs first before everyone else, even though one million people are hospitalised in the UK for adverse drug side effects, despite 500 innocent and sentient animals are abused, poisoned and killed every single day of the week inside HLS, and regardless cluster bombs harm civilians more than they do the military.

Animal experiments are barbaric and unsupportable on moral, ethical, scientific or medical grounds. We’ll embarrass you outside your offices until you cut your ties with HLS.

SHAC Sussex



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