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Friday, 29th June

Today, some activists protested outside Genesis Lifts, Drayton Old Lodge Business Centre, 146 Drayton High Road, Norwich, NR8 6AN - Tel: 01603 861631 and enquiries@genesislifts.co.uk

Genesis Lifts were caught out working for HLS a few months ago and local activists collected petitions and signatures from local people asking for Genesis Lifts to stop working with the animal abusers at HLS. Activists had also been talking with one of their directors, Trevor Sherwood who said that he wasn't bothered about the animal cruelty and HLS' track record..

So today we took the message to their office and the surrounding complex, to highlight the cruelty that Genesis Lifts are supporting by working for such a disgraceful company.

The complex has lots of different businesses as well as a restaurant and wedding venue so was upset at the awareness of one of the companies within the building complex causing the reason for a protest!

We did an hour on the road side and then proceeded to leaflet car windscreens in the car park and passing cars and the public. We went to go into reception but the management didn't seem bothered about animal cruelty either! So we stood outside with the 'Genesis Lifts' placards and then did some more protesting at the entrances of the car park on a main road.

We are planning on more protests there. With another protest planned for next month. If you would like to get involved locally then please contact: saynotoanimaltesting@hotmail.co.uk

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