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Friday, 29th June

Activists visited Henderson Biomedical Ltd/MSE at Worsley Bridge Road, Lower Sydenham, South London, SE26 5AZ (Tel: +44 (0)20 8663 4610 and e-mails: info@henderson-biomedical.co.uk and info@mseuk.co.uk) to name and shame them for supplying and maintaining the centrifugal equipment inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.

After five minutes protesting, an employee of the neighbour companies came to ask us politely to keep quiet as they could not concentrate to work due to our peaceful noisy protest. We explained to him the reason why we were there, but he reacted as if the topic of vivisection and animal torture wasn't important. He didn’t feel any empathy or concern about the 500 animals who were being tortured and murdered inside HLS, so we carried the protest to raise public awareness about Henderson’s dirty secret business, in good spirits knowing that everybody could hear our chants and monologues.

Henderson Biomedical tries to manipulate public opinion stating that they “manufacture machines to spin down blood for use in hospitals and they repair equipment from hospital infection control departments”. They forgot to add: “we also supply torture devices, like vented animal cabinets for the storage and breeding of rodents and we also supply and maintain the centrifugal equipment inside the most notorious animal testing lab in the world, exposed for atrocious animal cruelty and rule breaking.”

Even the MD of Henderson's, Mark Henderson has stated that he wouldn't want his dog being inside HLS, but he continues to help them for no other reason than money. Before leaving we leafleted the area and cars’ windscreens.

Henderson, you won’t get away with assisting murder. Watch out the new employee Office Sales Assistant, as this person may betray you as you betray the animals inside HLS.

We’ll be back

SHAC London




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