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Saturday, 10th March

Early Saturday afternoon, activists took a stroll over to Clair O’Donovan’s neighborhood – a Senior Vice President for “Quality and Regulatory Affairs” for Beckman Coulter – for an informative meeting. Apparently Clair didn’t double-check the “quality” of HLS when Beckman began their business relationship together. Tisk, tisk.

Clair clearly missed a lot during her business research on Huntingdon, as activists counted several errors in their assessment. What she “didn’t know” and activists gladly helped her out with is that 500 animals are murdered every day in fraudulent and falsified experiments in addition to the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are extremely sick from the pharmaceuticals put out by HLS’ customers. In addition, HLS has been exposed at least seven different times. Such atrocities uncovered included but were not limited to cutting open primates without anesthesia, punching four month old beagles in the face, and forcing animals to inhale unleaded gasoline or cigarette smoke. Clair and her company also seemed to miss the fact that HLS is in extreme debt (millions!) and that hundreds of companies no longer do business with this scum of a lab due to activist pressure and campaigning. If it were up to activists, Clair would be fired due to her lack of attention to detail and the fact that Huntingdon Life Sciences comes with a lot of baggage, plenty of relentless activists and corporate image tarnishing. Oops!

Next, activists had a rendezvous with the one and only President of Beckman Coulter, Bob Hurley! - in sunny, cool, yacht owning Balboa Island. Luckily, Bob was home to join the party and relive his youthful years – it was just like the 1960′s again! Activists reminded him of his responsibility to the animals and humans around the world that he allows to be poisoned and murdered – all so he can compromise his “hippy values” and be a rich, successful corporate lacky. Luckily for Bob, activists were able to talk to all his neighbors (who weren’t home last time) and pleaded them to pool their resources together to help Bob find a conscience and grow a heart.

For the animals and humans alike, activists will continue to vocalize the compassion that Beckman Coulter’s executive team desperately lacks and speak out for those who are silenced.

Until all are free, and every cage is empty




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