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Thursday, 15th March

We continue to put pressure on AstraZeneca's major equity shareholders, while highlighting the cruelty and scientific fraud of animal 'research' by vivisection companies and their dealings with HLS - the most exposed lab in the world. We will continue to pressurise the city investment firms to clear up their act and get some morals, the public and activists will not put up with their blatant disregard for life and expect these firms to stop putting money first before anything else.

First stop of the day was to Axa's UK HQ at 5 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AD Tel: 020 7920 5900. Where the sunny weather seemed to help with the response of the passing public, who were more than interested to hear about Axa's dealings with the vivisection industry and all the cruelty and suffering that entails for both animals and humans.

Then it was a short walk to BlackRock's flagship offices at Drapers Gardens, 12 Throgmorton Avenue, London, EC2N 2DL - Tel: 020 7743 3000 and 0800 44 55 22. As the largest equity shareholder of AstraZeneca (AZN) with 160 million shares, they have a lot of influence over AstraZeneca and we ask BlackRock to urge AstraZeneca to stop dealing with HLS or sell their shares in AZ. It was a busy lunchtime period during the demo with much interest from the passing public, who wanted to hear more about BlackRock's dirty dealings with animal torture and human suffering.

After a short lunch break, we then moved onto Legal & General at, 1 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5AA - Tel: 020 3124 3000 and 0800 027 7169. With protests at the main entrance, the side of the building so a lot of L&G employees came to watch out their office windows and then finished off by going around the whole building before finishing. There was a lot of passing interest here, with a lot of flyers given out about AstraZeneca's track record of falsifying data and trying to hide the results of side effects and their continued animal cruelty inside HLS, along with big layoffs, corruption and bribes.

The last stop of the day was back to BlackRock at their Drapers Gardens site, this time going round the other side of their building, where we had a loud protest to and again interest from the passing public. BlackRock seemed not to be expecting us, BlackRock we will protest outside your offices when we want and as many times as we want. Remember, we are fighting for the 70,000 animals inside HLS at this moment and the 500 that lose their lives after suffering at the hands of the vivisectors at HLS.

Until all the cages are empty and HLS are closed - Smash HLS.

SHAC London




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