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Friday, 16th March

To show our determination to help shut down HLS, we braved the rain today and protested AstraZeneca's head office in Dublin (College Park House, Nassau Street, Dublin 2. Tel. +353 (0)1 609 7100).

As long as this disgusting company refuses to cut their ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences, we'll be there to stand up for the 500 animals who are poisoned, mutilated, tormented and killed inside this animal auschwitz every day.

Named and shamed throughout the protest, passers-by where in no doubt as to what an unethical company AstraZeneca chooses to be.

Animals are not ours to experiment on, no matter what the reason or outcome, but as we all know, animal testing is scientifically flawed anyway - it doesn't work or make any sense! HLS needs to keep up with the times and stop engaging in such barbaric, flawed science.

AstraZeneca's total disregard for animal life will only serve to make the campaign against them more intense - they have been given so many chances to do the right thing, but continuously refuse to do so. These animal abusers do not deserve a minutes piece, and we intend to make that known.

'Til HLS is shut down for good,

NARA - www.naracampaigns.org


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