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Sunday, 18th March

Several activists paid a visit to Bob Hurley's Balboa Island home. Bob is the president of Beckman Coulter, and has chosen to continue the company's dealings with HLS, which also means that he has chosen to keep having protests outside of his home and the homes of his colleagues. Activists carried signs and chanted loudly so Bob could be quite clear about why he needs to sever his ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

After the demonstration at Bob's house was finished, the activists made their way over to Kate Bonnevie's Huntington Beach home to welcome her to the global campaign. Kate is a product manager for Beckman Coulter. She and her neighbors were treated to a loud demonstration of what is to come if Beckman Coulter continues to do business with HLS.

The final house call of the day was to Jim Widergren's home in sleepy Cerritos. Jim is the SVP for Global Customer Operations for Beckman Coulter. The activists had an audience of neighbors who quickly emerged to see what was going on. They saw the pictures of the mutilated animals that Jim is responsible for and now they know what kind of suffering and pseudo-science pays his mortgage. Chants and monologues were utilized to be sure that Jim was aware of the torture that goes on inside of HLS and what his role in shutting them down can be. We never back down and we always win Beckman Coulter, and we will be back.



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