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Monday, 26th March

As part of the week of action, activists arrived outside the entrance of AstraZeneca at 7.30am on Monday, to start their own protest against AstraZeneca for their continued use in cruel, needless, animal tests at AstraZeneca's Alderley Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4TG (Tel: 01625 582828), were they have beagle kennels and you can often hear the forlorn barking from inside the building.

There was only a few of us this morning but we still had an impact. We were even there before the security guard! We handed in a letter and some info to AstraZeneca urging them to stop dealing with HLS and to stop this barbaric practice, but no representative from AZ would come out to us.

We asked the security guy about the dogs there and he said he had never been in to where the dogs are kept but was very keen to tell us they were treated well! (as well as any prisoner can be while they're being poisoned/tortured to death!!)

We will be back again for another protest on Friday. Please contact info@shac.net if you would like to get involved locally.

Cheshire Animal Protection Group



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