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Wednesday, 28th March

After a early start a car full of activists arrived at Thermo Fisher, Oxoid Estate, Wade Road, Basingstoke, RG24 8PW. Thermo Fisher have been both a customer and supplier to HLS in the past and with Megaphones and drum in hand we carried out a great demo outside their large site. Dozens of people who worked locally came and asked us about Thermo Fisher’s involvement with animal cruelty and we will certainly be back!

We then moved on to our main local target of the day, Axa Wealth’s Headquarters at Winterthur Way, RG21 6SZ. These offices are right in the centre of Basingstoke so there were hundreds of passers by.

It was great to be able to inform so many people of Axa’s disgusting investments in AstraZeneca and we had loads of support. We even had several packets of vegan sweets given to us by one supporter who had bought them especially to say thank you to us for exposing Axa’s crimes.

As lunch time came hundreds of Axa workers marched out of the building and we were able to talk to them about their company’s investments. Many of the Axa staff seemed very concerned that Axa still had the ability to help close HLS down, through their investments in AstraZeneca, and had chosen not to. Frequently staff told us they were glad we were there to inform them of the situation with Axa, AstraZeneca and HLS.

After a really successful couple of hours at Axa Wealth we moved on to our final target of the day; Steris at Jays Close, Basingstoke, RG22 4BS.

These guys are really the lowest of the low, supplying equipment used directly to abuse the animals inside HLS and many other animal abuse labs. With the fantastic weather all Steris’s windows were open and on our arrival there was a rush to close the windows to block out the truth behind the one way mirrored glass. The workers inside Steris have often said they simply don’t care about the animals inside HLS or any other lab if it comes to that, however we know one thing for sure your neighbours are keen to know. One local dog walker was amazed that such a unimposing building was home to such a disgusting company and another said she should have known they were up to no good given the one way mirrored glass.

A really great day exposing the truth in Basingstoke with fantastic weather and terrific local support (and even thank you presents!), see you sometime soon animal abusers!

SHAC South Central



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