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Wednesday, 28th March

Activists travelled to a few of the scummy companies who are responsible for keeping the hell hole HLS in business.

First on the list of targets was a visit to AstraZeneca’s Luton site at Horizon Place, 600 Capability Green, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3LU (Tel: 01582 836000). With AstraZeneca being the current top target of the campaign and it being a week of action against them, we wanted to make sure they were feeling the pressure. As soon as we arrived at the site, we made our way to the main entrance, where we used megaphones to let everyone inside the building know what we think of the disgusting company that they work for.

With it being early in the morning, we were lucky enough to be there when a lot of the staff were going into work. This gave us the perfect opportunity to ensure they all knew exactly what’s happening at HLS because of filthy companies like AstraZeneca. After a while, some of the staff tried to get past us by entering through the back door, but it didn’t take long for us to clock onto this and run around the building to catch them trying to sneak in. Whilst we were at AstraZeneca we also caught a couple of their visitors arriving, who we also took the opportunity to inform about AstraZeneca’s continued support of the violent murder of 500 animals a day inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Following this, we moved onto StarLab (UK) Ltd, Unit 4 Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5NA - Tel: 07766 520910 (or StarLight according to the hopeless TVP cops we met later), another repulsive company that’s happy to supply goods to the killers at HLS. StarLab have been visited by concerned activists a few times before, but the owner, Willie Burns (seriously!) has been less than communicative, usually choosing to start yelling and backing away as soon as anyone enters the reception – even before finding out why they’re there… Perhaps he responds to his customers the same way?!

During this visit to the office, we left all the staff in no doubt as to where their products are going. Loud descriptions of the horrors revealed during the multiple exposés of HLS could be heard throughout the offices, with all the staff looking on in shocked concentration, clearly disturbed to learn about the torture their company is profiting from. Willie Burns made a brief appearance near the start of the demo, but he soon retreated to one of the rooms – yet another selfish coward who doesn’t want to be confronted by his own immoral actions. Towards the end of the demo, the workers whose company facilitates violence toward lab animals, showed that they’re happy to themselves commit violence against the compassionate people who defend them. Obviously desperate to protect themselves from the truth (or the guilt it would cause them), a few burly male members of staff started aggressively shoving us, before calling for half a dozen thugs from their warehouse to join in. Although they may have assaulted us, causing bruises and torn clothing, we can assure them that no amount of violence from them will silence the SHAC campaign.

While animals are being brutally murdered because of sickos like them, we will continue to target them. Nothing will stop us from fighting for the victims suffering at the hands of perverted killers.

The final stop for the day was W H Barley (Transport & Storage) Limited, Old Wolverton Road, Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5NL (Freephone: 0800 052 4961), a company which was found providing storage for equipment from StarLab. Activists have been round to speak to the MD Steve Latchford a number of times now and each time he has been very adamant that he’s an animal lover and completely disagrees with what’s being done at HLS. He’s also assured activists that they no longer work with StarLab, although they’ve been unresponsive to the request of providing a statement to confirm this. Steve said that they’ve been receiving communication from concerned supporters of the campaign from all around the world and want to be left alone. We explained that if they are telling the truth about ending their work for StarLab and issue a statement to confirm it, that the campaign info will be updated so people know they no longer need to contact them about their involvement.

However, it seems the police have been causing trouble as usual and have been visiting W H Barley, scaring them with exaggerated claims and warnings and insanely advising them not to issue the statement. It’s quite obvious that the police aren’t concerned about the company in the slightest, as rather than let them take 5 minutes to send us the paperwork that would result in this no longer being their problem, they’d rather not see another company announcing they’ve cut their ties with HLS. After a long discussion with Steve, he finally told us that he will be speaking to his Chairman regarding contacting the campaign to discuss issuing a statement. We certainly hope that W H Barley isn’t lying about having stopped working with StarLab and we certainly hope that they will make contact about the statement!

We finished the day satisfied that we had made an impression on all the companies we visited and got them thinking about the blood that’s on their hands.

While 500 innocent animals are being poisoned, cut open and slaughtered inside Huntingdon Life Sciences, we will continue to target anyone who deals with them. There’s no hiding from the truth and there’s no hiding from SHAC.

Deal with HLS – deal with us! SHAC



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